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Open Programme.

Over 60 different short courses are available that are scheduled to run several times each per year. They are designed to develop practical skills and help your staff develop and improve, and so your business.

Professional Managers’ Programme

A structure of short qualification programmes in leadership and management that applies to companies of all sizes and types. Ranging from one’s first promotion to team leader (Level 2), to senior executive development (Level 7), this is truly shop floor to boardroom provision. Areas of expertise include: leadership, management, operational business skills, coaching, mentoring, project management, health & safety and more. 


At the first time of asking, GEL was appointed to the Government’s new Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP), as a main provider. This means that we are approved to deliver the skills you need under the assurances of the apprenticeship funding schemes. We offer intermediate and advanced apprenticeships for leaders and managers. 

Bespoke Solutions

When your training requirements focus on a particular issue or system of work, or there’s a collective training need for several members of staff, it often makes sense to look at bespoke in-house training courses and at GEL. We can deliver one of our standard courses to just your staff, or a tailored version to suit your needs, or indeed a completely bespoke design from scratch.  Benefits to you include control over content, dates, timings, venue, plus it is usually more cost-effective. We can even give you feedback on how your staff received the training, their involvement and engagement levels.  

Assured Awards

If you already have training programmes of your own, and feel some form of recognition would add a bit of kudos to them, why not talk to us about getting your courses recognised by the ILM? Many organisations adopt this approach to complement their competency framework for staff.  

DiSC Approved

If you want to improve relationships between specific individuals or within whole teams, you really should start with knowing how each individual views the world and the priorities they set their behaviour by, including the decisions they make about others. DiSC does this and we can provide you with individual reports and group feedback sessions; excellent for team building days and building relations between staff.

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