Writing Business Letters & Emails with Confidence

Who should attend?

A perfect course for anyone who sends letters or emails on behalf of their company, and wants to ensure they are polite, professional and effective.

Why should you attend?

Whether you have no experience with business correspondence, or simply would like to refine your skills, our highly motivating trainer will teach you the essentials and more.

Letters and emails sent to customers and suppliers form a lasting impression of your company, making it such an important skill to get right. You’ll help create an image that is consistent with the way you would like you and your company to be seen, plus you will be able to create the desired result more efficiently, saving you time and money.

Course outline

  • What sort of letters and emails do you write?
  • What annoys you about other people’s written communication?
  • Getting started – four tips for getting past the blank screen

Sailing over the 7 C's - Making sure all of your written communication is:

  • Compatible – Who are you writing to?
  • Complete – All relevant information and layout included
  • Courteous – Polite and conforming to the expected protocol
  • Constructive – Should be positive and achieve the desired result
  • Concise – Presented as briefly as possible
  • Clear – There’s only one meaning and it’s the one you want
  • Correct – Accurate in content and presentation


For those seeking recognition for their learning, this course is based on the ILM unit: Writing For Business. Successful completion of the assignment will result in the achievement in 1 credit at Level 3.


For those seeking to achieve a qualification at Level 3, you will need to achieve a further 3 credits for the ILM Award or 12 credits for the ILM Certificate.


Course: £140.00 +VAT

Time & Location

9:30AM until 1:00PM @ Twigworth Business Centre

Available dates