Risk Management

Who should attend?

This course is for managers who want to develop their knowledge and understanding of managing risk within the context of the workplace. Pitched at level 4, this course is aimed at existing or aspiring middle managers.

Why should you attend?

Understanding the importance of managing risks in the workplace is a key responsibility of middle managers. An important feature is the ability to evaluate relevant laws and legislation relating to risk management whilst understanding how risks can be identified and continuously monitored and reviewed according to the organisation’s internal policies.

Course outline

  • Applicable laws and legislation relating to risk management
  • Internal risk management policies and procedures
  • Principles of risk management
  • Types of hazards and risks e.g. environmental, technological, information, physical.
  • How to identify the circumstances and consequences of hazards & risks
  • Identify prevention and control measures
  • 5 steps to risk, prioritisation of risk and objective likelihood and impact
  • Risk management registers, planning, monitoring and evaluation


For those seeking recognition for their learning, this course is based on the ILM unit: Managing Risk in the Workplace Successful completion of the assignment will result in the achievement in 3 credits at Level 4.


For those seeking to achieve a qualification at Level 4, you will need to achieve a further 2 credit for the ILM Award or 10 credits for the ILM Certificate.


Course: £140.00 +VAT

Time & Location

9:30AM until 1:00PM @ Twigworth Business Centre

Available dates