ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership & Management

Who should attend?

This a professional development programme for supervisors and first line managers. It provides training and development in vital skills that all supervisors need in order to perform well in their role. The programme is suitable for experienced supervisors, or those new to the role, and is appropriate for companies of all types, sizes and sectors.

Why should you attend?

A supervisor today needs to be skilled in many areas. They need to be able to communicate in several different ways and at various levels, depending on whether they are managing the performance of their team, meeting customer requirements, dealing with suppliers or briefing their manager.

And it's not just communications skills they need; supervisors have to be good at planning, organising, monitoring and controlling; being able to motivate one minute and discipline the next; they need to delegate tasks to others, provide guidance, training, coaching and support; they have to deal with change situations, manage conflict and be ever mindful of health and safety.

Supervisors work on their own initiative, they solve problems and make decisions, yet they must remain part of a wider team. Put simply, supervising is a professional role that demands competence in many areas, and this course aims to develop your supervisors to deliver with confidence and professionalism. On successful completion they will also receive a nationally recognised qualification.

Course outline

This is a 6-session course.

During this course you will cover the following:

  • Understanding leadership styles and reviewing your own leadership qualities/potential
  • How to build and lead a successful team
  • How to develop and maintain effective working relationships
  • How to motivate your staff to perform well, and to keep performing
  • Managing the performance of others and providing feedback
  • How to ensure you communicate effectively and consistently
  • How to deal with conflict situations and disciplinary issues
  • Delegating properly, without guesswork, guilt or anxiety
  • Techniques for planning, prioritising and scheduling the work of others
  • Approaches to solving problems and making sound decisions
  • How to plan changes and make them happen

Course outcomes

Delegate Benefits:

  • Gain a range of key management skills and put them into practice in your own role
  • Build leadership capabilities to motivate & engage teams and relationships
  • Develop leadership and management skills using own knowledge, values and motivations

Employer Benefits:

  • Effective and confident first-line managers
  • Better relationships and communication in teams
  • Proven skills – (assessment requires managers to transfer new skills to the work place)
  • Managers with the right tools to develop their own skills and abilities


There are 2 Assignments to be completed during this course and successful completion will result in the following qualification: ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership & Management.


This qualification will provide progression opportunities to other qualifications such as:

  • ILM Level 4 Award/Cert/Dip in Leadership and Management
  • ILM Level 5 Award/Cert in Leadership and Management


Course: £792.00 +VAT
Registration fee: £83.00 (no VAT)

Time & Location

9:30AM until 1:00AM @ Online via MS Teams

Available dates