Developing Self Awareness

Who should attend?

This course is for anyone who would benefit from being more effective in their leadership, communications, negotiations, relations and team building skills.  It is designed to help you discover more about yourself and the people around you, and, as a result, help you become more effective in your role.  This course has a strong focus on behaviour, so is suitable for everyone, regardless of position, age, experience or gender, and whether communicating with staff, colleagues, managers, customers or the general public

Why should you attend?

There are some that hide their behaviour behind phrases like ‘that’s just me’ … ‘I can’t help it’ … ‘take me as you find me’…..’ I can’t change’ … plus many others you have doubtless heard.  But this is not strictly true because we ‘choose’ our behaviour and we choose our actions; we choose our words, our attitudes, responses, body language, opinions and much more.  This course is about learning more about you and your behaviours and those of others around you.

Course outline

  • Eight dimensions of personal leadership will show how your personal priorities reflect in the way you deal with people, and how they respond to you
  • Games People Play (Berne)  It’s all in the words, rituals, pastimes and ulterior motive in the games people play
  • Belbin Team Roles.  We all bring natural strengths to the team scenario, but how do we capitalise on them?
  • Motivational drivers  From universal content to contingency theories, and equity to power of role models


Course: £252.00 +VAT

Time & Location

1:30PM until 5:00AM @ Twigworth Business Centre

Available dates