Managing Difficult Conversations

Who should attend?

Everyone!  Simply because any one of us can encounter: the Bully, the Dementor (those that suck the enthusiasm out of you), the Tank, the Sniper, the Whiners and Complainers, Procrastinators, Know-it-alls, Manipulators and Social Butterflies, not forgetting the Silent Types, Sensitive Types and people completely devoid of all people skills!  This course is surely for everyone!

Why should you attend?

Joking aside, good relationships at work are vital if you want to develop high performing teams.  We lose far too much time and nervous energy when ‘managing around’ people, which we could spend on more productive things.

Those who don’t know they are being difficult tend to change their behaviour immediately they become aware, while those who do know they are being difficult are more of a challenge!  Learn how to deal with these types before poor relations spill over to conflict situations.  This is a level 3 course but is suitable for staff at all levels.

Course outline

During this course you will:

  • Identify different types of difficult people, their characteristics, motivations & behaviours
  • Discover a variety of strategies to deal with difficult people and how to implement them
  • Explore the possible causes of internal friction and conflict
  • Learn how bullying and harassment are just a short step away from difficult behaviour
  • Identify the effects of difficult people on performance and the individual at work
  • The stages in the development of conflict and resolution techniques


For those seeking recognition for their learning, this course is based on the ILM unit: Understanding Conflict Management in the Workplace. Successful completion of the assignment will result in the achievement of 1 credit.


For those seeking to achieve a qualification at Level 3, you will need to achieve a further 3 credits for the ILM Award or 12 credits for the ILM Certificate.


Course: £140.00 +VAT

Time & Location

1:30PM until 5:00PM @ Online via MS Teams

Available dates