Communication at Work

Who should attend?

Managers, Supervisors and staff who want to be able to communicate effectively at work and whose performance depends on understanding situations, understanding others, understanding communications and being understood.

Why should you attend?

Communication is essential for any business. Not just the effective relay of information getting to the right person/people at the right time but also in the right way.  Poor communication can cost a company a great deal – in money, time and bruised egos.

On this interactive course you will learn why we communicate, the hidden agendas behind what people say, how to choose the best communication method to fit the message and the person and how to choose the best language for the situation so that your meaning is clear and understood. You will also learn the difference between passive, assertive and aggressive communication and identify your own style and that of others around you. You will leave feeling more confident in your communication strategy.

Course outline

  • The importance of effective communication at work
  • Why do we communicate?
  • At work, who do you need to communicate with?
  • What does effective communication look like?
  • How do we communicate? Choosing the most appropriate method for the message
  • The synergy between body language, voice & words – creating confidence & credibility
  • Common barriers to effective communication and how to alleviate them
  • Questioning and listening skills – using feedback to increase your effectiveness


For those seeking recognition for their learning, this course is based on the ILM unit: Understanding the communication process in the workplace. Successful completion of the assignment will result in the achievement of 2 credits at Level 3.


For those seeking to achieve a qualification at Level 3, you will need to achieve a further 2 credits for the ILM Award or 11 credits for the ILM Certificate.

We recommend attendance of our 5-day course to achieve an ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership & Management.


Course: £252.00 +VAT

Time & Location

9:30AM until 1:00PM @ Twigworth Business Centre

Available dates