The Value of Skills Development

Skills development is vital for every organisation, regardless of size, type or sector.  Those organisations with staff who know what they are doing, have confidence doing it and are motivated to keep on doing it, will succeed ahead of those who don’t.


At GEL, we are keen to help your organisation develop its staff in a wide variety of topics, ranging from the soft skills of communicating effectively, accepting responsibility, showing respect for others, building trust, working well with colleagues and customers, managing time effectively, accepting criticism, working under pressure, being likeable, demonstrating good manners and so on ……….


to the wider skill sets of using ICT, being confident with finance matters, developing planning, organising and project management skills, being effective people managers, sales operatives, workplace trainers and coaches, as well as upholding health & safety and HR law and best practice.


These skills are vital to your organisation and can affect your productivity, competitiveness, profitability, harmony, creativity, retention, business performance and more……

The Value of Qualifications

National qualifications bring so much more than a certificate for the files.  At GEL, we are keen to see your staff develop for any number of reasons, including:

  • Recognition for your staff
  • The standards and rigour that qualifications bring to your workplace
  • The way qualification programmes help transfer learning into the workplace
  • The clear indication they give of abilities and achievements
  • The progress routes they offer and the motivational impact this can have.

Many of the GEL courses found on this website have been accredited to various qualifications, at various levels, which you can see more clearly in the Levels, Credits and Qualifications document.

GEL courses offer you the best of both worlds, in that they develop the vital skills needed for your organisation and they provide national recognition.

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