GEL training combines good quality courses with easy access and great value, resulting in your staff having greater confidence and improved performance.

Open Courses

  • Over 100 different short courses, each designed to develop new skills, improve performance, build confidence and change attitudes.
  • Learn with others from a wide range of sectors and industries, adding to the richness of the environment
  • Courses run at our Twigworth Training Centre, Gloucester



  • Knowing that you can do your job is one thing, proving it is another.
  • All GEL qualification programmes bring rigor to learning, setting targets to achieve and national standards to uphold.
  • Qualifications also build confidence and raise motivation levels, both during the course and on achievement.
  • Qualifications offer clear progression paths for individuals and businesses.
  • BA in Business & Enterprise and an MA in Entrepreneurial Leadership available


Bespoke Training

Sometimes you need a course that’s just for you. Whether it’s one of our standard courses delivered to your staff, in your premises (in house), or a mix of objectives from several different courses (tailored) or a fully designed course built from scratch (bespoke), we can help.

5 good reasons to consider In-House training

  • You call the shots on content, dates, times, duration, frequencies, trainers, note packs, venues and so on. This is your programme and it needs to fit with your plans.


  • It’s integrated right from the start, with your policies, procedures, processes and protocols, each becoming better understood and reinforced through the training. Nothing is lost in translation like some open courses and everything has a practical and pragmatic quality to it.


  • Your staff are directly involved in the programme. Not just those on the training, or the Big Cheese coming in at the beginning or end to say a few words, but internal customers, specialists from other departments, the managers of the learners and more.


  • Training programmes become more strategic when they are commissioned to meet specific needs. You can place more emphasis on the need for change when your staff are learning together, at the same time, at the same rate and using the same materials. Feedback on any change plans is also immediate and coordinated.


  • Better value can be achieved too. Not just in terms of unit cost per head (though this can be significant), but in terms of increased skills transfer rates, the value of learning with and from each other, the instant feedback on change plans, the fact that everyone gets the same message at the same time – all of which increase the return on your investment.


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